Additional Programs

In addition to the core curriculum Nungurner Primary School offers the following programs:


Instrumental Music

In addition to our in class music program, students have the opportunity to receive individual, instrumental music lessons. The school has a complete set of instruments for students to choose from including keyboards, drums, violin, guitar, flute, trumpet, trombone and bass guitar.

Vegetable Garden & Orchard

As part of our health and sustainability program, students are involved in maintaining the school vegetable garden. This includes all aspects of cultivation including soil testing & preparation, seed selection, planting, pest & disease control, harvesting and crop rotation.

Students learn about organic garden practices and all our food is grown in this manner.
Our garden includes traditional and raised garden beds for crops, a sensory garden and a fruit orchard.

All of our crops are used by the students in the cooking program, taken home for families or used as feed for our chooks.

Sustainability Program

At Nungurner Primary we strive to promote an environmentally conscious school that engages in a range of sustainable practices wherever possible.

We strive to become community leaders in sustainability by educating and encouraging our students to reduce waste, water and energy consumption while contributing positively towards biodiversity on the school grounds and involvement in the community gardens.

Sustainable practises are integrated into all areas of the curriculum and we work to instil in our students a sense of ownership of and pride in improving the environment.

Students maintain the gardens organically and study the effects of poor land management practises such as the overuse of pesticides. Our school practises waste minimisation through rubbish-free lunches, feeding scraps to our chickens and recycling.

Past incursions/excursions have supported our commitment to sustainability. These include visits from Landcare, South East Water and a trip to study responsible fishing practices with the Nicholson Angling Club.

Healthy Eating and Cooking

As a complement to our gardening program, ALL of our students from Prep to year 6 participate in a healthy eating and cooking program.

This program aims to link hands-on food production with an understanding of healthy eating and food choices.

Throughout the year, students use the food produced in the school gardens to create dishes that are fresh, healthy, seasonal and delicious. By creating these meals themselves, they learn food preparation, cooking skills and kitchen safety. They also challenge themselves as food risk takers by trying new styles of dishes from a variety of cultures.

Students continue their health & nutrition learning through classroom curriculum, incursions and through sharing their food and food knowledge with others at special events.

Library books / MARC Van

Nungurner Primary School participates in the MARC Van program. Our school is visited once a fortnight by Ms Batt and her mobile library van. Ms Batt teaches the students library and literacy lessons and they also have a chance to borrow books from the collection.

Students will need a designated library book bag or they will be unable to borrow from this service. Our school also encourages the students to borrow from our library on a regular basis.


Our school is a very busy place. Alongside their normal studies, students will participate in excursions to a variety of places throughout the year. Theses may include excursions to Sale to see a play, a responsible fishing clinic in Nicholson, tabloid sports days, amongst many others. You will be notified of these days both in the newsletter and by notice.

Please contact the school if you have any concerns regarding any aspect of an excursion.


All students at Nungurner Primary are able and encouraged to attend camp. The type of experience depends on the age and grade of the child.

For example, in 2011 & 2012, the school attended Camp Coolamatong, with the younger children staying for one night and the older children for two nights and three days.


Students at Nungurner Primary participate in swimming lessons at the Lakes Entrance Aquadome. Swimming lessons take place over a two week period in the early part of term one each year.